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He could use a career boost too, which is always a bonus. A lot of you out there have probably heard the rumors that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are back together.I'm sure you're familiar with the holiday season, but were you aware that it goes by another name?(Just a little pop culture trivia for you on a Wednesday morning.) I'm betting you didn't know this, but in addition to inching ever closer to Thanksgiving and Hannukah and Christmas and Kwanzaa and every other holiday I'm forgetting in between, we're also getting knee-deep into Taylor Swift Mating Season.Hanging out with 16 year olds, taking pictures in photo booths, having bangs.All tell tale signs of someone who has never experienced orgasm without the help of batteries.

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They were at a pub in London last Friday and hung out alone in the back room. They previously flirted a couple of months ago at the premiere. And Juliet, played by Hailee Steinfeld, is one of Swift’s best friends. For most of the calendar year, she can date, just not openly, and it must always be in moderation.Which is why we just heard those scattered rumors about her dating Ed Sheeran. Which is why after a whole ten months or so of radio silence, now in the same week we're getting word that she's resurrecting Haylor dating this new guy Douglas. CUE THE FAKELATIONSHIP PHOTOSHOOTS AT CENTRAL PARK!It looks like the 23-year-old singer has found her new boyfriend after splitting from One Direction star Harry Styles just few months ago.Taylor Swift and Douglas Booth reportedly spent some hours together and seemed very close.