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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Donald Trump revved up the faithful Monday night at a packed rally at the Verizon Wireless Arena here that included the GOP frontrunner repeating a vulgar insult hurled at fellow Republican Ted Cruz by an audience member. S.’s neighbor to the south had no intention of paying for any wall.Trump hesitated for a beat after a female member of the crowd yelled “he’s a p—-” while Trump was discussing his surprise at Cruz’s hesitation during Saturday night’s ABC News Republican debate when asked for his views on water-boarding as an interrogation tactic. This is a serious reprimand…for the press,” he said. “The wall’s just going to get bigger when he has that attitude,” Trump vowed.“OK, you’re not allowed to say — and I never expect to hear that from you again … One wealthy person Trump definitely doesn’t get along with is rival Jeb Bush, who tweeted about Trump Monday: “You aren’t just a loser, you are a liar and a whiner.” Trump and Bush have become bitter antagonists on the campaign trail, with personal attacks becoming routine. She said, ‘He’s a pussy.’” Trump then threw up his hands in mock exasperation at the woman’s derisive comment. Trump shot back by calling in to CNN, saying of old-money Bush, “He’s a desperate person .

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In 2014-2016, Pussy Riot recorded and released several videos: “Putin Will Teach You To Love The Motherland,”, “I Can’t Breathe” (named for the last words that Eric Garner said as New York City Police held him to the ground in a chokehold), “Chaika,” “Organs,” and “Make America Great Again.” This performance will be the world premiere of Pussy Riot Theatre, who will perform the story of Pussy Riot.

Within a few weeks, stems should be well rooted in the ground.

If you prefer to begin rooting inside, simply add water to an indoor pussy willow arrangement and the branches will begin to sprout roots.

Pussy willows root so easily that burying the cut end of a fresh cutting (stems should be at least the size of a pencil and about 12 inches long) about 2 inches deep in good soil is all that is usually necessary.

Be sure to leave at least a few nodes (where the buds form) uncovered by soil.