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Ashley has also helped to promote body confidence at any size by appearing in plus-size retailer Lane Bryant's I'm No Angel campaign, where she and other women of varying body types posed together in lingerie.

The campaign was widely seen as a very public dig at Victoria's Secret, another brand perceived to prize slim bodies.

Five hours later, Janamanchi shot up from his mattress to take a gasp of air, then collapsed back down. The dispatcher stayed on the phone while Kramer administered about 150 chest compressions.

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Ashley's post, which includes the hashtag #curvesinbikinis, features a shot from her Swimsuits For All campaign that ran in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, making her the first-ever plus-size model to appear in the issue.

Ashley's own photo has received a much more positive response than Protein World's ad; since she posted the image on Thursday, it has received over 11,400 likes, and fans have been commenting to show their support.

on Sunday, February 22nd, Zachary Kramer, a sophomore at Wesleyan University, realized his classmate Abhimanyu Janamanchi had stopped breathing.

The cause is always simple unfamiliarity with the object, so it is more likely to trip up an audience of people viewing that work from a different perspective, most commonly years after the work was released, or in another country.

It doesn't hurt that other "aluminum Christmas trees" are, like the original, well outside the pale of usual experience and improbable by definition; even so, it's immensely funny (to people in the know) when an audience dismisses a Real Life element as patently absurd and "unrealistic". At one time mathematicians, rocket scientists and other persons who had to do complicated calculations had no electronic devices to do them.

Dating game banded hipster