Are ariana and avan dating

The program gave Jogia a chance to work with one of his acting idols, Ben Kingsley, who plays Tut's leading advisor.

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From Big Sean to Jai Brooks (twice), we’ve been along for the roller coaster that is Ari’s love life!

Liz smiled, wiping a small cotton swab over her eyelids. Ari and the others are too tired to think about food right now, and Daniella had plans with another friend whose in town." She pouted as she thought about her vegan friend. "I found this great vegan restaurant not too far from here, actually. "Now, get out."Blinking rapidly, Avan stared at his crush like she'd grown two heads. " he sputtered."I have to get changed," she replied, giggling at his expression. "I still don't see why I have to leave," he innocently stated. I'll watch very carefully." He waggled his brows teasingly, enjoying how she laughed.

But he stood to exit Liz's dressing room."You are such a flirt, Avan," was the last thing the actor heard before he shut the door behind him.

Avan Tudor Jogia is a Canadian actor, best known for portrayal as Beck Oliver on the TV series, Victorious.

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