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This is truly an experience heavy episode - take lots of notes! [Angel Donovan]: Right, you had social nightlife, social jobs, right? So I’ve gone from if you think running, you know, on the boats, working as silver service and cocktail barman. Then I’ve gone from that to running my dad’s pubs and bars for many years, going to nightclubs straight after the bar and being there till 4 or 5 six nights a week. [Marcus London]: Then a male stripper for 10 years, then running strip clubs. I’ve been handcuffed in a bar in Hendon naked as a policeman for an hour.

"Hey Angel, thanks for the show, I'm getting a lot out of it. [Angel Donovan]: I have to say, like in your videos you kind of come across as I’d say chivalrous. I mean, obviously I’m from London, but I was born in Hampstead Heath. [Marcus London]: I’m actually 45, so I’m getting old. [Marcus London]: [Laughs] [Angel Donovan]: So in one of your interviews I saw, you mentioned that you had slept with a lot of women before becoming a porn star. You know, I’ve been scratched, I’ve had my g-string pulled up, and cut myself to pieces.

So I was really looking forward to tap into his perspective and insights into sex and sexual skills. [Angel Donovan]: Can you give me some kind of rough estimate of how many that we’re talking about here? [Angel Donovan]: Yeah, that's a big number, so I kind of wanted to get into that a little bit because, you know, we talk about dating advice and sex advice and the whole slew of it, so meeting girls is a little bit of a part of that. I think that's outlandish for most guys to actually… No, it’s a huge number, but what makes it even more outlandish, I was in 27 years of relationships while I managed to sleep with 500 women. And then when I had my 15 weeks off between work, I would be in nightclubs all the time in London. So between that, stripping, going to do five to seven different strip joints a night going as a male stripper, whether it be restaurant-based, whether it be club, hotel, or their house, you know, I’m the man they’re going to abuse. But women, they will rip the clothes off your back as a group.

Besides talking about specific techniques that Marcus has become world famous for (The Squirting Orgasm) we discuss the sexual myths that the porn industry has promoted and explore the way porn stars and their inside community look at relationships and sex. So of course that really enabled me, one, because I’m out and about and I’m meeting people in my job traveling around the world, I’m much more outgoing than the average man, possibly. When a group of women get together, it’s a dangerous situation.

"I’ve had a lot of issues with cancer in my life," he said.

"My grandparents died of cancer, I’ve had a lot of friends who’ve had cancer, I recently had a very close friend who died from cancer.

This is a question I really don't know who to ask so I hope you can help. [Marcus London]: [Laughs] [Angel Donovan]: Is that how your friends describe you? I come from the posh end, I guess you could say, and I’ve grown up pretty well in that respect. So I wouldn’t say I was silver-spoon-fed, but I’m pretty okay. [Angel Donovan]: Forty-five, yeah, you’re looking good for your age, you know. [Angel Donovan]: You know, the 40s, it’s more like 30s [Marcus London]: Yeah, the new 30s, right? I have had women literally rape me in the street, try and pull my pants down to give me a blowjob while I’m trying to get in my car after finishing the job.

I'm 22 years old and not sure about the whole penis size thing. [Marcus London]: I’m the James Bond of porn, didn’t you know? So I guess I’d always kind of mixed in a good circle. So technically speaking, when you get women together in that kind of situation, they’re fearless. [Marcus London]: So, obviously, when you combine all that to the person that I am naturally, of course I’ve had a lot of success. [Angel Donovan]: And you just kept kind of moving up that ladder into more sexual jobs, even more social positions. [Marcus London]: But all I wanted to do there was my job, make them feel good, make them buy a drink, make them want to come back, and of course, in the process obviously I get them to like me, and I know how to deal with women. That's my job, my playground, is learning how to flirt with women and make people feel good.

“Reputable online dating companies are keener than ever to clamp down on fake profiles created by scammers, and we are now even more effective in helping our clients prevent these fake profiles from ever appearing on their websites.” Simon is the editor of Global Dating Insights.All of this cancer has been a serious issue in my life.I don’t like it." Deen claims the adult industry will either sink back to how it was in the 1970s, existing in the shadows and shot in weird locations, or push the envelope to compete in the new generation of marketing, just as Hulu and Netflix have done in TV, and "basically reinvent the wheel".Marcus got involved in sex education through the company 2 Girls Teach Sex (2GTS) who sought him out to work on a 'squirting mastery' video series to teach men how to make women squirt.Marcus has been known in the porn industry as "The Squirt Instructor" due to his ability to make women squirt.