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85% of households with infants have used video chat apps to call relatives in other cities, and it's been shown that toddlers can create bonds and learn from visual cues in video calls.With more and more people using services like Face Time, Skype, and Google Duo, the video calling experience that a phone provides has become a significant consideration.All of the information used in Hot or Not is taken directly from Facebook.The photos, the personal information including their age and location, and even their interests come directly from their Facebook profiles.We will take a look at a good cross sampling to help give you some choices in the realm of video chat.The only caveat here is that you will need to pick an app tied to a service that your friends actually use or are willing to use.Video calling apps gives an impression as if you are having a face to face conversation with your loved one .The basic requirement of a good video calling app is it should use the least possible data and with that feature keeping in mind , I am going to share 12 best video chat apps for android which you can use for video calling.

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Hot or Not is a good app for people who want to hook up or just meet new people.

Once you have logged into the Skype app, you will want to start communicating with people.

To do so, you will have to find them and add them to your Skype contacts list: You can show the individual with whom you are talking on Skype your surroundings by “switching” to the back camera of the i Pad. All in all, the Skype options on the i Pad are just as plentiful as those on your computer.

That left us with the five phones in this list, in addition to the One Plus 3 and the LG G5.

However, since One Plus and LG have both since released newer flagships in the One Plus 3T and LG V20, we opted to focus on the newer models instead.